Sports/Performance Nutrition

Fitness Workout

  • Nutrition for athletic training, performance and recovery

  • Coaching tailored to all sports including weight lifting/bodybuilding, running, endurance events, team sports 

  • Individualized plans, macronutrient goals, & nutritional guidance to maximize your training results & perform better!

  • Can be combined with weight management program if desired (weight loss or weight gain)

  • Team presentations and group programs 

Heavy Weights

Weight Management & Mindful Eating

Body positive, freedom, high self esteem
Weight Loss Essentials
  • Nutrition program tailored to your goals
    (weight loss/weight gain)


  • Learn mindful & intuitive eating strategies & improve your relationship with food

  • Receive ongoing support & accountability for long-term success

  • Track your progress using a variety measures

Healthy & Sustainable Nutrition

Chicken Breast
After Yoga

Nutrition programs that takes into account a variety of factors:

  • Prevention/management of chronic disease

    • Cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc.

  • Support long term health

    • Maintain/increase lean muscle mass

    • Healthy lifestyle habits

  • Simple and healthy meal planning guidance

    • Enjoy a variety of foods​