Packages & Pricing

Initial Consultation

(90 minutes)


The initial consultation is to get to know each other and formulate a plan tailored to your specific nutrition needs and health goals. We will review your nutrition and health history, complete a nutrition screening and assessment, establish your nutrition/health goals and review basic nutrition education topics.

​Follow-Up Appointments

(45 minutes)

See packages below

Follow-up appointments can be set up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and serve as a check-in meeting to review progress towards your goals, strategies to increase your success, and discuss nutrition education topics (such as meal planning, label reading, portion size, nutrition/food tracking, mindful eating practices, and more!).

  • 3 Follow Up Visits - $275

  • 6 Follow Up Visits - $499

  • 10 Follow Up Visits - $750

Follow-Up Packages

Health Insurance

  • Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Health

  • Others coming soon!

*All sessions valid for 12 months after purchase date

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